Acquire, engage, reward and retain customers and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with CequityACE™ Loyalty

An integrated, omnichannel customer loyalty platform, Hansa Cequity's CequityACE™ Loyalty can help your business increase engagement, personalise rewards and redemption and maximise long-term loyalty. Customisable with ready-to-use features, our customer loyalty platform takes full advantage of your customer data to map your customers’ journey and drive meaningful engagement that generates repeat sales. With CequityACE™ Loyalty your business can implement a comprehensive customer loyalty strategy that specifically meets your loyalty objectives.

Generate incremental sales and predict future buying behaviours with a customer-insights driven loyalty solution.

Targeting the right customers at the right time with the right message requires a unified view of your customer profiles. CequityACE™ Loyalty enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with advanced customer segmentation that helps personalise content based on your customers’ preferences. By leveraging data and insights from all touchpoints your business can gain more control over your loyalty program, extend your reach and create targeted campaigns that deliver greater ROI.

A data-driven platform that provides a single view of your customers, CequityACE™ Loyalty lets your business create ad hoc, recurring or triggered campaigns with ease. With our predictive loyalty engine you can also add small incentive milestones throughout your customers’ journey to keep them coming back for more.

To know how you can deploy tailored loyalty schemes quickly and utilise advanced analytics and omni-channel interaction to improve your customer acquisition and retention rates and grow your customer base, talk to us today.

  • Identify, track, manage, reward valuable, loyal, or interested customers.
  • Utilise advanced segmentation to understand customers buying and spending behaviours.
  • Improve retention rates with personalised rewards, tiers, and redemption.
  • Connect with customers on any channel and any device with omni-channel interaction.
  • Leverage data and insights from all customer touchpoints to build targeted campaigns.

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